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About Me

I take the view that varied experiences bring out the best of humanity: fostering creativity, bridging divides, and building intuition.

Growing up in the US midwest, my academic and work experience has taken me to California and back again, with a stopover for a posdoctoral appointment in Taipei.

An occasional physicist, data scientist, and developer, I always remain curious and try to weave together my accumulated knowledge. Most recently, I have been interested in exploring cognition from the point of view of algorithmic complexity, inspired by work surrounding program synthesis and the Abstraction and Reasoning Corpus.

Here are a few keywords describing where my career has ventured:

  • Physics
  • Monte Carlo Methods
  • Python
  • Machine Learning
  • React
  • Data Visualization

Where I’ve Learned and Worked

Senior Software Engineer @ Trace

March 2021 - October 2021

  • First full-time employee
    • Designed and built a configurable analytics backend in Python
    • Built a React application to author and run analytics configurations
    • Handled deployments to GCP, data ingestion, internal tooling

Personal Projects